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Hey there! Welcome to my corner of the internet. I’m Brother Nan, a tech enthusiast by profession, and a casual runner and cat dad by choice. Currently, I’m navigating the exciting world of software engineering at Uber, where I get to indulge my passion for distributed systems and cloud computing daily.

My career in tech began after I graduated from the School of Computer Science at Sichuan University in China. Hungry for more knowledge and eager to explore the world, I ventured to New York City, where I earned my Master’s degree from the Department of Computer Science at Columbia University. This city, with its vibrant energy and endless opportunities, captured my heart, and I decided to call it home.

Before landing at Uber, I had the privilege of working with very talented colleagues at Google, Microsoft, and Cruise. My love for sharing knowledge also led me to The City University of New York, where I introduced undergraduate students to the wonders of cloud computing as an Adjunct Lecturer.

Outside the realm of ones and zeroes, I’m a proud translator of the Chinese version of Cracking the Coding Interview (6th edition). It’s been an incredible opportunity to help pave the way for aspiring coders in China to achieve their dream jobs in tech.

But life isn’t all about code. I share my life with my wonderful wife and our two furry companions, Biu Biu and Qiu Qiu. These two mischievous cats have added so much joy and laughter to our lives, and yes, they’ve pretty much taken over the place.

When I’m not geeking out over the latest tech trends or catering to the whims of our feline overlords, I’m probably out running. I’m what you’d call a casual runner, participating in races ranging from quick 5ks to the grueling full marathon. It’s my way of clearing my head, challenging myself, and just enjoying the outdoors.

So, that’s me in a nutshell – software engineer, educator, translator, cat dad, and runner. LGTM.fyi (English) and this blog (Chinese) is my space to share stories from the tech world, insights from my personal and professional life, and maybe a cat photo or two (because why not?). Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you stick around for the adventures!